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Unleash Your Business Potential with Enterprise Application Modernization

The way businesses function is changing rapidly to meet the dynamic market demands. Application portfolio modernization becomes a cornerstone in this transformation journey, allowing businesses to enhance user experience and overall operations. Recognized globally as a strategic move, application modernization empowers organizations to stay in sync with changing customer needs and outstrip competitors in the digital race.

Unleash Your Business Potential

Embrace Innovation with

Digital Transformation Services

Innovation with Digital Transformation

Take the instance of a pro-athlete, who must perpetually adapt and enhance their performance to maintain a competitive edge. Similarly, organizations must ensure their tech stack stays at par with the ever-evolving technological landscape. Outdated systems become a bottleneck rather than an enabler. Organizations then have two choices – construct a new tech stack from scratch, which can be resource-intensive and time-consuming, or they can modernize their existing applications in a progressive manner, thereby reducing disruption and increasing efficiency.

Navigate Your Future

Navigate Your Future with Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration plays a crucial role in application modernization. The process may be intricate, especially for large-scale enterprises, as it involves updating existing systems and moving data to the cloud. However, managing these complexities is vital for sustainable growth. Expert companies, such as Epacts, offer dedicated services to streamline this migration, minimizing risk and disruption.

Breathe New Life into Your Systems with Legacy System Upgrade

In today’s fast-paced digital era, modernization isn’t a luxury – it’s a survival strategy. Businesses that adapt and evolve thrive while those clinging to obsolete systems falter. By following a strategic application modernization roadmap, organizations can invent new models and expand their business swiftly, ensuring they’re not left behind.
Businesses that adapt and evolve thrive
Your Business Ecosystem

Re-energize Your Apps with Application Refactoring Services & Revamp Your Business Ecosystem with Application Replatforming

Application refactoring and replatforming form the technical core of the modernization roadmap. These services involve breaking down the existing application into smaller components, re-architecting, and rewriting them to make the application more efficient, scalable, and compatible with modern systems. They form the basis for greater agility and adaptability in a business’s applications.

Accelerate Your Growth with Cloud-Native Application Development

Cloud-native application development forms a major chunk of modernization. The essence of it lies in updating your technology portfolio to facilitate quick and continuous delivery. This process allows businesses to reduce the go-to-market time, respond quickly to market changes, and provide better customer service.
Accelerate Your Growth
Application Portfolio Rationalization

Streamline Your Tech Landscape with Application Portfolio Rationalization

As part of the modernization strategy, Application Portfolio Rationalization (APR) becomes crucial. APR categorizes and evaluates applications based on their business value and technological health. It leverages techniques like CMI (Contain, Maintain, Invest) and 6R Analysis (Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Rewrite, Retain, Retire), helping businesses make informed decisions about which applications to keep, retire, or modernize.

Boost Efficiency with DevOps Automation Services

With a modernized application portfolio, businesses must adopt new operational methodologies. DevOps Automation Services enable faster delivery of applications, improved collaboration between teams, and quicker issue resolution, leading to reduced time to market and increased efficiency.
DevOps Automation Services
Application Modernization

Make Informed Decisions with Application Modernization Assessment

Performance baselines and KPIs serve as a vital measuring stick for the impact of modernization efforts. Application modernization assessment helps identify and track measurable KPIs, thereby enabling a detailed cost-benefit analysis, effective goal monitoring, and timely corrections. It helps organizations track the effectiveness of their modernization initiatives, ensuring they’re on the right path.

Embark on Your Journey with Epacts: Your Partner in

Application Modernization Services

Transitioning to a modernized digital landscape is no small feat, and you need a partner that understands the intricacies and potential challenges involved. That’s where Epacts comes into play. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in digital transformation projects, uniquely positioning us to assist your organization on this journey.
Embark on Your Journey
Strategy with Precision and Foresight

Executing Strategy with Precision and Foresight

Our team at Epacts follows a strategic approach in executing Application Modernization Services. Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current application landscape, aligning it with your business goals and needs. We understand that each organization is unique, and hence, we tailor our approach to fit your specific requirements and objectives.

One of the key strategies we employ is Application Portfolio Rationalization (APR). Here, we categorize and evaluate your applications, prioritizing them based on their business value and technological health. We utilize advanced tools and methodologies, such as the CMI (Contain, Maintain, Invest) framework and 6R Analysis (Rehost, Replatform, Refactor, Rewrite, Retain, Retire). This enables us to formulate a detailed roadmap for your modernization journey, ensuring all efforts are purposeful and directed towards your strategic goals.

Key to Success

Epacts' Team Expertise: Key to Success

The Epacts team is the backbone of our success. Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of application modernization services, allowing us to identify potential challenges and devise effective solutions. With a wealth of experience in cloud migration, application refactoring, DevOps automation, and more, our team ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your existing operations.

In addition, our team is well-versed in agile methodologies and DevOps principles. This proficiency enables us to adopt a flexible approach to project management, facilitating rapid delivery, effective collaboration, and efficient problem resolution.

At Epacts, we take immense pride in our team's ability to cultivate an engineering culture that prioritizes modernizing value streams over merely addressing specific applications. By adopting this mindset, we enhance scalability, improve speed and security, extend IT agility, and equip your workforce with the necessary skills and culture to thrive in a modernized application environment.

Proactive Approach to Security

Proactive Approach to Security

Security is paramount in our modernization process. As your technology stack evolves, we ensure your security posture advances in tandem. We proactively address potential vulnerabilities and implement robust security measures to protect your business information and maintain the integrity of your modernized applications.
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