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Achieve your business goals with Epacts’s Cloud Workload Modernization and Modern Workspace services.

At Epacts, we offer comprehensive cloud consulting services with a focus on cloud workload modernization and modern workspace solutions. Our expert team helps businesses transform their IT ecosystems through application modernization and cloud migration services. We leverage the power of cloud computing to optimize workplace technology, enhance productivity, and ensure data security. Our services include Microsoft Teams optimization, workflow automation, and modern workplace security. We specialize in hybrid endpoint management and provide workplace managed services to drive business value. With our expertise in AI and machine learning, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to your commercial needs. Partner with Epacts, a leading cloud service provider, to optimize your IT ecosystem and unlock the full potential of cloud-based application development.

Our team of experts leverages the latest technologies and best practices to deliver secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.


Workload Modernization offered by Epacts

What We Offer
cloud Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Update your current applications and data to a cloud-first model that aligns with your business needs. Our experts can help you migrate to the cloud, modernize your legacy applications, and adopt new technologies such as containers, microservices, and automation.

Workspace Technology Modernization

Workspace Technology Modernization

Take advantage of cloud services from Microsoft, integration of physical/digital/virtual workplace technologies, AI & ML, analytics, and automation to modernize your IT ecosystem.

cloud Microsoft Teams Solutions

Workplace Applications and Microsoft Teams Solutions

Optimize experiences and applications by leveraging your investment in Teams and Power Platform. Reduce mundane, repetitive tasks and inefficiency through process and Workflow Automation.

Modern Workplace Security

Modern Workplace Security

Identify risks, meet compliance requirements, and secure data with holistic and comprehensive Microsoft Security programs.

Hybrid Endpoint Solutions

Hybrid Endpoint Solutions

Enable your workforce to work from home, on the move, and at site with a single, flexible architecture delivering applications, performance, and security based on individual employee roles.

Workplace Managed Services

Workplace Managed Services

Drive more business value, improve employee and user experiences, and open up innovation opportunities with our managed and evolved approach to workplace-managed services.


  • Cloud expertise
  • Integration of physical/digital/virtual workplace technologies
  • AI & ML, analytics, and automation
  • Expertise in Microsoft technologies
  • Comprehensive security programs
  • Modern endpoint management solutions
  • Managed and evolved workplace services


Our services help you:
  • Improve application performance, efficiency, and scale
  • Modernize your IT ecosystem
  • Optimize experiences and applications
  • Reduce cybersecurity risks
  • Meet compliance requirements and secure data
  • Enable remote and hybrid work

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FAQs for Workload Modernization

What is application modernization?

Application modernization is the process of updating an organization’s existing apps to a cloud-first model—sometimes called legacy modernization. It involves migrating on-premises apps to a public, private, or hybrid cloud.

What are hybrid endpoint solutions?

Hybrid endpoint solutions enable employees to work from home, on the move, and at site with a single, flexible architecture delivering applications, performance, and security based on individual employee roles.

What is a modern workplace security program?

A modern workplace security program identifies risks and provides guidance on how to address and mitigate cybersecurity risks, meet compliance requirements, and secure data.
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