Cloud Platforms:
A Symphony of Cloud Powerhouses

Unleash the Power of Cloud Platforms: Soar Above the Competition

From design to management, Epacts Cloud Services are integrated, full-lifecycle services for cloud environments. Built on best practices, they’re aligned to the unique cloud adoption and management frameworks of each Cloud Platforms Like AWS, Azure & GCP.

Our skilled experts help accelerate client adoption, remove barriers to innovation, optimize cloud spend, and deliver faster time to revenue.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a secure cloud service platform provided by Amazon. It offers various services such as database storage, computing power, content delivery, Relational Database, Simple Email, Simple Queue, and other functionality to increase the organization’s growth.

Features of Amazon Web Services
AWS provides various powerful features for building scalable, cost-effective, enterprise applications.

Amazon Web Services

Some important features of AWS is given below:

AWS is scalable because it has an ability to scale the computing resources up or down according to the organization's demand.

AWS is cost-effective as it works on a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

It provides various flexible storage options.

It offers various security services such as infrastructure security, data encryption, monitoring & logging, identity & access control, penetration testing, and DDoS attacks.

It can efficiently manage and secure Windows workloads.

Microsoft Azure

It supports various operating systems, databases, programming languages, frameworks that allow IT professionals to easily build, deploy, and manage applications through a worldwide network. It also allows users to create different groups for related utilities.
Microsoft Azure
Features of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides scalable, flexible, and cost-effective

It allows developers to quickly manage applications and websites.

It’s IaaS infrastructure allows us to launch a general-purpose virtual machine in different platforms such as Windows and Linux.

It offers a Content Delivery System (CDS) for delivering the Images, videos, audios, and applications.

Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is a product of Google. It consists of a set of physical devices, such as computers, hard disk drives, and virtual machines. It also helps organizations to simplify the migration process.
Google Cloud Platform

Features of Google Cloud

Google cloud includes various big data services such as Google Big Query, Google CloudDataproc, Google CloudDatalab, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

It provides various services related to networking, including Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Content Delivery Network, Google Cloud Load Balancing, Google Cloud Interconnect, and Google Cloud DNS.

It offers various scalable and high-performance.

GCP provides various serverless services such as Messaging, Data Warehouse, Database, Compute, Storage, Data Processing, and Machine learning (ML).

It provides a free cloud shell environment with Boost Mode.

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