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Discover the power of cloud computing with our consulting services for seamless Cloud migration, optimal Cloud infrastructure design, and Cloud application development.

Cloud Consulting Company
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We design, build, and manage Cloud systems

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Epacts offers cloud consulting & advisory services to help organizations identify the most effective cloud adoption strategy & solutions to meet their needs. This can include assessing current infrastructure, evaluating potential solutions, and developing a plan for implementation.

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Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

Get a comprehensive approach to cloud security with EPACTS!

Epacts can provide organizations with Cloud security assessments, including evaluating the security of their Cloud infrastructure, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and developing a plan to address them. Epacts can also provide 24×7 Support services to ensure prompt resolution of any issues that arise.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Upgrade your business with our cloud infrastructure services!

Epacts can provide organizations with Cloud-based infrastructure solutions, including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Backup and DR service, storage, databases, and networking. This can include designing, deploying, and managing the infrastructure to meet specific business needs. Epacts can also provide Workload Modernisation services to help organizations modernize their existing applications for the Cloud.

cloud optimization services

Cloud Optimization Services

Make the most of your cloud investment

Epacts can provide ongoing optimization services to help organizations continually improve their Cloud infrastructure and applications. This can include monitoring and analysing performance data, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to optimize performance and reduce costs.

cloud managed services

Managed Cloud Services

Focus on your business, leave the cloud management to Epacts!

Epacts can offer managed Cloud services to help organizations maintain and optimize their Cloud infrastructure. This can include monitoring and managing Cloud resources, ensuring optimal performance and availability, and implementing security measures to protect against threats. Epacts can also provide Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance services to ensure the Cloud infrastructure remains secure, reliable, and up-to-date.

cloud migration services

Cloud Migration Services

Let’s move your business to the cloud together!

Epacts can help organizations migrate their applications and data to the Cloud, reducing downtime and minimizing disruption to business operations. This can include identifying the right Cloud environment, developing a migration plan, and executing the migration. Epacts can also provide Migration Consulting services to help organizations plan and execute their Cloud migration strategy.

cloud application services

Workload Modernization

Achieve your business goals with Epacts’s Cloud Workload Modernization and Modern Workspace services.

At EPACTS, we offer comprehensive cloud consulting services with a focus on cloud workload modernization and modern workspace solutions. Our expert team helps businesses transform their IT ecosystems through application modernization and cloud migration services. We leverage the power of cloud computing to optimize workplace technology, enhance productivity, and ensure data security.


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Get a comprehensive approach to cloud security with Epacts!

A cloud consulting services company can provide a range of advantages to businesses looking to leverage cloud technology. Some of the key advantages include: expertise, customized solutions, technical support, security, cost savings, and scalability.

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