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Experience Unmatched Performance, Scalability, and Flexibility with Our ScyllaDB Managed Services

At EPACTS, we understand the challenges of managing and scaling data-intensive applications. That’s why we offer cutting-edge ScyllaDB Cloud solutions to help you harness the power of a high-performance, distributed NoSQL database. Our expert team of cloud consultants will guide you through the process of deploying, managing, and optimizing your ScyllaDB environment, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits from this revolutionary technology.
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ScyllaDB by EPACTS

What We Offer

ScyllaDB Cloud Deployment

Seamlessly deploy ScyllaDB on AWS or Google Cloud, ensuring optimal configurations for your specific needs.

Data Migration Services

Migrate from Apache Cassandra or Amazon DynamoDB without altering your application code.

Performance Optimization

Maximize the efficiency of your ScyllaDB Cloud environment with our expert tuning and optimization services.


  • Single-digit millisecond P99 latencies for dependable performance.
  • Flexible pricing options and seamless scalability.
  • VPC peering for secure, private connections.
  • High availability with multi-zone data replication.
  • Hot fixes and automatic updates for the latest features and security enhancements.


  • Enjoy consistent, low-latency performance for your data-intensive applications.
  • Experience hassle-free data migration with compatibility for Cassandra and DynamoDB.
  • Save time and resources with expert management and monitoring from our skilled team.
  • Gain flexibility and avoid vendor lock-in with portable, multi-cloud solutions.
  • Achieve peace of mind with robust security and compliance measures.

Don’t let your data-intensive apps lag behind.
Harness the power of ScyllaDB Cloud with EPACTS today!

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FAQs for ScyllaDB

What is ScyllaDB Cloud and how does it compare to other NoSQL DBaaS options?

ScyllaDB Cloud is a fully managed NoSQL database-as-a-service (DBaaS) solution that offers high performance, low latencies, and seamless scalability. It is designed to be compatible with Apache Cassandra and Amazon DynamoDB, making it easy to migrate without changing your application code. Compared to other NoSQL DBaaS options, ScyllaDB Cloud provides superior performance, lower costs, and flexibility with no vendor lock-in.

How does EPACTS handle data migration from Cassandra or DynamoDB to ScyllaDB Cloud?

EPACTS offers data migration services to help you smoothly transition from Apache Cassandra or Amazon DynamoDB to ScyllaDB Cloud. Our expert team will work with you to understand your data requirements and design a migration strategy that ensures minimal disruption to your applications while preserving data integrity.

What security measures are in place to protect my data in ScyllaDB Cloud?

ScyllaDB Cloud offers robust security features, including single-tenant hardened security, encrypted backups, and key management. The platform has also secured certification with SOC2 Type II, ISO 27001, 27017, and 2718 standards. EPACTS provides security and compliance consulting to help you ensure that your ScyllaDB Cloud environment meets the highest industry standards.

How does EPACTS ensure high availability and performance for my ScyllaDB environment?

EPACTS offers 24×7 monitoring and support for your ScyllaDB Cloud environment, with our expert engineers keeping a close eye on system health, automatic backups, and repairs. ScyllaDB Cloud replicates your data across multiple availability zones within a region, preventing single points of failure. We also help you optimize performance through expert tuning and adjustments based on your specific needs.

What support options are available for ScyllaDB Cloud users?

EPACTS provides round-the-clock support for ScyllaDB Cloud users, with a dedicated team of engineers ready to address any issues or concerns. Our comprehensive support services include system health monitoring, automatic backups, repairs, and quick response times to any alerts, ensuring that your ScyllaDB Cloud environment remains reliable and efficient.
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